Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Wow - life is busy!

Hello all - this is Elder Crowe's mother. He has been pretty busy lately and his letters have been a little short. The week before last, there was only a note that said he had tried to send a recorded file that ended up being too big for the email. This week was a bit better, but still short. I am posting a couple of photos from his birthday (April 10th), and then a couple that came with this week's letter.
I am getting old!! :)

Elder Crowe showing off the birthday tie he got!

This week... was a doozy. We taught a total of 1 lessons. It's okay though. The Lord is just refining us and teaching us how to be better missionaries. It's not always fun, though it's definitely a testimony builder. 

Elder Lewis - District leader - heading home
My district leader went home as well. He finished his mission and is headed back to Provo. What a flipping stud. His name is Elder Nathan Lewis and if anyone knows any cute girls send them his way. I wrote a song for him because he was leaving. It is attached below. (Sorry everyone, Elder Crowe's mother couldn't figure out how to attach the song. If I figure it out, I'll attach it later)

This week was like 3 years long. Time has no meaning out here. We had an ice-cream party, we did a lot of tracting, and we had to pick up Elder Lewis's companion and have him with us this week till he gets his new companion. 

Elder Scott - Elder Crowe's cousin
I also saw my cousin Elder Scott!! It was so great to see him. Now all that's left is to see Elder Tang (Elder Crowe's other cousin that is also in the same mission). Elder Scott was just amazing. He was radiating light. Such a stud. I was really hoping I would get to see him before he left. We only got about 45 minutes, but I'm glad I got to see him.

It was my first moves call this week. Obviously I'm staying because I'm getting trained. Elder Lewis left (went home), and his companion Elder Walters is training and is the new District Leader. Everyone saw it coming. He is a champion. It's weird to see missionaries leave. I haven't experienced that yet. It is weird. I'll miss them a ton. 

I get to call home in a few weeks for mother's day, but I think I only get 20 minutes with each call. So that'll be interesting. 

Has Zac gotten his mission call yet? I Love you and miss you

Elder Crowe
Ice cream party - Oh yes!!!