Tuesday, November 1, 2016

The land where I met my Saviour

I am typing this up as we are driving to Aberdeen. We are going to instruct on the same points we have instructed everywhere else. We are teaching the School of Practical Excellence. We go to the zones and share with them how they can learn and improve through practical teaching and role playing. We mostly go over the role of the Holy Ghost in conversion with them so they can apply it to their teaching.

It’s been a great week. We “moves planned” with President last week because he is in Budapest for a Mission Presidents seminar this week. We hopefully have everything sorted for moves and things should be in place ready to go. There are a few tickets that we need to buy for ferries and planes but other than that we are sorted.

Elder Lampropoulos is going to the doctors today so we gave him a blessing last night. I LOVE giving blessings. They are so amazing. I always take a minute and allow my mind to go blank then the spirit starts to whisper everything I need to say. I don’t get exact phrases. I just get ideas that start flowing through me. It is an incredible experience. It is a tremendous blessing to get to do works in the name of Christ. I am very humbled when I give blessings because it helps me realize that I am never in control; I am just the mouthpiece.

It has been a humbling few weeks. I am going through the refiner’s fire. Both physically and spiritually. My body is falling apart. I know why missions are only two years, and it’s because we can’t handle anything else. I am going to come home on a stretcher. I remember at the beginning of my mission the sun would break through the window in Belfast at around 6, and I would naturally wake up refreshed and rejuvenated and I would just lie there and contemplate the existence of man. Now I wake up at 6:30 and I cannot for the life of me open my eyes. A tiny troll comes and glues my face together while I sleep. If I stop moving during the day, then I will struggle to stay awake. When I am at my computer doing office work, I need to do things that keep me awake. Sister Dent (she’s part of the office staff) bought a nerf gun and will randomly shoot us throughout the day. She also finds pictures of me and thinks they are hilarious so she will print them off or crop my face onto someone wearing a tutu. She is wild and wonderful! J

My mission is incredible. I love being here. This has been the greatest time of my life so far. I know I still have a while left, but I just applied for college and I am sad that I will leave this soon. In the mission field when someone goes home we call it “dying” and I honestly feel like I am dying. This is holy and sacred ground. This is the land where I met my Saviour. I thought I came here to teach the gospel, but I really came here so He could heal me.  Oh, He is wonderful.

I love you, but above all, I love Him.

Elder Crowe