Monday, September 28, 2015

Come unto me, and I will heal you.

"God is not dead, nor doth He sleep"

Your week sounds like it was lovely. Rod sounds like he had a fun time hunting, but I killed a deer with a round piece of plastic. Beat that! 

Well this week has been a pretty good one. We got an investigator to church! The first one in Dumfries in years! His name is Ian. He is awesome. He is very smart and scientific but he has something that is drawing him to the church. I think he knows it is true, but he is trying to find proof that it isn't. He is a great man and we will keep helping him to find the truth he is searching for. 

We have a friend named John. He is the son-in-law of a member here. He is so cool. We went to the church, and he played the piano for us. He is so good! We asked him about the church, and he told us that he feels the spirit every time he talks to the missionaries. He lets his daughters come to church. When we asked him why, he thought about it for a second and said he didn't know, but he did say that the church taught good things. We bore testimony that it taught good things because it is good. It is true and therefore it's fruit is good. Obviously that doesn't prove our church is God's church, so we asked him to read the Book of Mormon, and he said he would read it all. He is such a stud. 

My district leader was transferred to Dublin
I got called as our new District Leader this week. I may or may not be stressed out of my mind. It's pretty nerve racking, but I know that President Donaldson is inspired, so I guess Heavenly Father knows more than I do because I don't feel ready. I am excited to put more faith and trust in Him. 

I had a sweet and humbling experience with the scriptures this week. I was feeling pretty useless and stressed out, so I was reading the scriptures. I was reading in 3 Nephi 17. Verse 2 made me chuckle a little bit since I felt weak and didn't understand. Then I read in verses 7-8. It is beautiful and powerful. The Lord was about to leave, but the people are so sad, and he decides to stay with them a little longer and asks for all the sick and afflicted to come to him to be healed. I felt Him say to me "Come unto me and let me heal you." It was such a small tender experience for me.

 Behold, now it came to pass that when Jesus had spoken these words he looked round about again on the multitude, and he said unto them: Behold, my time is at hand.
 I perceive that ye are weak, that ye cannot understand all my words which I am commanded of the Father to speak unto you at this time.
 Therefore, go ye unto your homes, and ponder upon the things which I have said, and ask of the Father, in my name, that ye may understand, and prepare your minds for the morrow, and I come unto you again.
 But now I go unto the Father, and also to show myself unto the lost tribes of Israel, for they are not lost unto the Father, for he knoweth whither he hath taken them.
 And it came to pass that when Jesus had thus spoken, he cast his eyes round about again on the multitude, and beheld they were in tears, and did look steadfastly upon him as if they would ask him to tarry a little longer with them.
 And he said unto them: Behold, my bowels are filled with compassion towards you.
 Have ye any that are sick among you? Bring them hither. Have ye any that are lame, or blind, or halt, or maimed, or leprous, or that are withered, or that are deaf, or that are afflicted in any manner? Bring them hither and I will heal them, for I have compassion upon you; my bowels are filled with mercy.
 For I perceive that ye desire that I should show unto you what I have done unto your brethren at Jerusalem, for I see that your faith is sufficient that I should heal you.
 And it came to pass that when he had thus spoken, all the multitude, with one accord, did go forth with their sick and their afflicted, and their lame, and with their blind, and with their dumb, and with all them that were afflicted in any manner; and he did heal them every one as they were brought forth unto him.
 10 And they did all, both they who had been healed and they who were whole, bow down at his feet, and did worship him; and as many as could come for the multitude did kiss his feet, insomuch that they did bathe his feet with their tears.

I love my Heavenly Father and my Saviour so much. I cannot begin to voice how much They mean to me. It gave me strength to go and help others come unto Christ. 
I love this work. I love you.

Monday, September 21, 2015

I love this work!

I am tired. Missionary work is hard. Life is hard, but it is awesome and I love it! It feels like I wake up and I can't possibly function through the day, but Heavenly Father gives me the strength! I love this gospel. It rocks! 

We had a decent week. We had a lot of potentials that fell through but that is okay! We are out here to invite; we can't affect other people's agency.

Elder Lampropoulos and I were headed into the flat this week to do 12-week, which is the training program for new missionaries, and he felt prompted to go GQ instead and we literally walked 30 feet up the street and stopped the first lady. She was from Germany and we set up a return appointment! It was amazing. He is a beast. I love him. It was great to see that this is the Lord's work and He is leading us. 

We have been studying a lot about Joseph Smith this week. Truman G. Madsen has 8 lectures on Joseph Smith and they are amazing. My testimony has grown so much of the Prophet. He is so awesome. He was a joker and had a fiery personality. It really puts him in such an awesome light. 

We had an over 50s party for our ward and we were so close to getting Faye there! But she decided last minute not to come. I feel that if we get her to somewhere where she makes a friend then she will have no problem coming to church. But we just need to be patient and follow the Spirit. 

Roast lamb on a spit!
We had a member invite us to his birthday party and we went for a little and he was roasting a lamb on a spit! It was the greatest thing I have ever eaten.

We had district meeting on Friday and the Family History senior couple came to help us learn more about how to use family history in our finding and retaining. It was really cool. I love Family History. It is amazing and is doing wonders in the world. 

We had Stake conference too, but we couldn't broadcast it very well out here in the middle of NOWHERE!! So the connection failed and we pretty much had a 2 hour testimony meeting. 

I have been studying the New Testament and I just read in John the part where Christ asks Peter 3 times if he loves Him. I put my name in verse 15: Elder Crowe, lovest thou me more than these? Those words hit me really hard. I love the Saviour so much, but are there things that I am not giving up for Him? Do I love certain sins more than I love Him? Maybe not even sins but things that are halting my progression? It was a humbling thought. I have a lot that is holding me back. More than I would like. I am being refined and it is hard to love that. But I love my Heavenly Father and I want to be more like Him.

We might be getting Sister missionaries here pretty soon. I have discovered that they send Elders on missions to grow up and they send Sisters on missions to GET STUFF DONE! Sisters are beasts. 

I love you. I love this work. I love my Saviour. I love Joseph Smith. I love the Book of Mormon. This church is true.

Keep Fighting the Good Fight

Elder Crowe 

Wednesday is Pizza day

Rugby World Cup!!

We met Alfie Boe!!

Monday, September 14, 2015

A slow week - thus lots of pictures of food!

This week was pretty frustrating, but I didn't kill anything this week, so I can't complain. J

We didn't find anyone this week, and we didn't teach any of our investigators either. We got to see Faye for a little bit but that was about it. I just wonder what more we can do. There is always more for us to do! And we shall do it because we love our Father and our Lord!

Elder Lampropoulos and I had a cool chat this week about the Atonement. It was a really cool time to sit and realize how little our minds can comprehend! Haha.

We got to go into YSA this week to teach the lesson about the Plan of Salvation. It was a really cool lesson. Elder Lampropoulos has a beautiful testimony of the Plan of Salvation. He teaches me so much every day.

Kippers in a was weird!
Hmm...I wonder if that's why Elder Lampropolous threw up?
He started throwing up one morning this week and so we stayed in the flat (that’s apartment for the Americans) for a little bit. I thought I was going to die. I sat in a corner of the room and lost my mind for about 4 hours. It's so hard to stay in the flat! Eventually he agreed he was going to go crazy if he stayed in the flat any longer and we went out to do some work. He is such a champion. 

I hope that I will have more to talk about next week. i love you!

Elder Crowe

Ordering pizza... What's your name? Uh..

On our way to a dinner appointment we stopped in to say Happy Birthday to a member's nonmember husband,
 and they gave us fish and chips. We couldn't say no!