Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Short and sweet

I have to drive to Belfast to drop off a car like right now! I am so sorry!!! 

I will tell you 2 quick stories. There is this man who was a member and got in a serious car accident. He went less-active for awhile for his own reasons. He's been back to church for awhile now and his daughter went and watched a baptism and she said she wanted to be baptized! So we get to teach her and he will baptize her! How amazing is that?! Her younger sister will be 8 in a month as well and she wants to listen to the lessons also. 

We also were GQ-ing this week and a man named Ronaldo came up to US and said he needed to learn more about our church! It was amazing. The Lord is preparing people left and right! Elder Jones and I found 18 New Investigators this week. Well... the Lord found them. We just happened to be here and get to witness their journey. I love this gospel!! 

I have to get my driving on! I LOVE YOU

Elder Crowe
Elder Jones

Thursday, July 14, 2016

A few photos

Elder Crowe has been pretty busy lately and so his emails have been very short. His companion Elder Wilson was transferred to Paisley, Scotland, and he is now companions with Elder Jones, who also served with Elder Tang (Elder Crowe's cousin). They get along great, and are working hard.

Here are some photos from the last few weeks:
Elder Wilson off to Paisley

Adam Kakowczyk (Ka-cough-chick)

Awesome new companion - Elder Jones