Thursday, May 26, 2016

Better late than never

Hello all,

This is Elder Crowe's mother. I'm very sorry that the update has taken so long this time. I have been moving and it has been a very busy time. However, here is the latest from Scotland!! :)

We have had a great tiring week also!! I am glad we are all tired and content in wearying ourselves in the work of the Lord! What a time to be alive! 
We are working very hard. We have tried very hard to help the Dundee zone reach new heights and we are seeing miracles every day. We have been asking the zone to text in miracle stories every week so we can spread the amazing spirit around the mission. There is a lot happening in our area as well. We are teaching a lot of people at the moment and continuing to find new people every day. There was a man named Torsten that I talked to on the street that was a hardcore atheist. He didn't even want to talk to me. But I was VERY persistent and he has met with us 3 times this week!! We are seeing amazing miracles occur as we trust in the Lord. 
I have been reading the Infinite Atonement before I go to bed. I have learned SO much!! I want to talk about 2 amazing things:
1. The Saviour is the Saviour of the entire universe. His Atonement is Infinite in coverage. There are worlds without number that have been created by the hands of Christ and with those same hands He has redeemed them from themselves. Woah... He is amazing!! He loves us so much that He has suffered for all the sins, pains, weaknesses, temptations, infirmities, etc. that billions upon billions of people will or have or are facing. We cannot even begin to comprehend the matchless love of our Brother. 
2. I don't think we realize how much the Saviour was tempted. He was probably tempted every second of every day. But the amazing thing about the Saviour is that He never once gave any thought to those temptations. He is amazing. I love Him so much. I love learning about Him. I wish I could learn everything about Him. I am trying. 
We will fall at His feet and we will praise His name forever when our eyes are truly opened to all He has done for us. When we are able to see just how far He has gone for each one of us we will gain infinite love for His unfathomable gift. What a message to share with the world! What a blessed calling. To represent Him who has set me free. My favorite part about the Atonement is not what it does for me, but that it covers all those that I love and care for. He loves those I love more than I do. That gives me so much comfort. 
I love you. Learn more of the Saviour this week. Fill your soul with the love He has for you.

Elder Crowe

Monday, May 2, 2016

Keep walking! :)

Sorry, I don't have much time since we are skyping on Sunday. :)

We did a lot of work this week. We had a lot of missionaries we had to take care of and focus our efforts where they were needed in Dundee. We had a meeting with the stake presidency and the mission presidency on how we can move the work forward here in the Dundee Stake. It was a great meeting and we got a lot of great ideas. I am really grateful that I get to work around so many inspired men and women. 

We had a golden investigator drop us this week. She came up to us a few weeks ago and said she wanted to learn more about Jesus Christ. This week she said she didn't want to meet anymore and she wanted to find her own way. We were shattered. It was really hard, but we know that as we are faithful and continue to do our best that the Lord will continue to lead us to those that are prepared. I need to be willing to become more clean. I need to repent and be more worthy of the spirit to guide me and put words into my mouth. I want to be a clean vessel. 

We were in the city center the other day talking to people, and I went to stop this family. As I said "Hiya, how are you?" The little girl (she was probably 5) sticks her hand up and goes "We're too busy." I said "You're too busy for the greatest message in the world?" She kept her hand up, kept walking and replied "We're too busy." The dad looked at me, kept walking and just shrugged. It was quite funny. Hopefully I'll see them again. 

I also stopped this man, and he said he was busy but he'd be back in 10 minutes, and then he would talk to me. I told him that I would hold him to that. When he came back we sat down on a bench, and he told me his story. He was a member and then got his records removed by his mum when he was 13. He got rebaptised when he was 19 and excommunicated when he was in his 20s. Fast forward 20 years and he was longing for those feelings he used to have in the church. He missed the love of God in his heart and wanted that back. We set him with a baptismal date and we are excited to help him get back on the right path. 

I look forward to skyping you!! I love you. Have a great week.

Elder Crowe

Golfing at the home of golf - St. Andrews!
Snow in May - Scottish weather!! :)