Monday, October 3, 2016

Wonderful Conference

Sorry it has been so long since I posted. I don't have any good excuse - I've just been slack! I apologize.

Here's the latest email:

We have had an amazing week. To start the week off we sent our beloved friends and fellow servants back home and then immediately turned around to pick up the new missionaries. We took them to Pratt's Hill (Arthur's Seat) so that they could make promises with God in a sacred and holy place. The wind was SO strong. It was a great example of God's awesome power. Wednesday we taught all the new leaders in the mission (District Leaders, and Sister Training Leaders) about their new callings in the mission. We gave some instruction and advice to help them inspire and motivate their teams to work hard and grow closer to the Saviour. Thursday was a day of paperwork which is necessary but it's hard to be in an office all day when I want to do missionary work. Nay Bother! We will crack on. 

Friday was amazing because we got to go out and do missionary work! We just went and talked to people all day! We met some great people who were very ready to hear about Christ. We have some friends progressing towards baptism and gaining a greater testimony of the love that Heavenly Father has for them. 

Conference was amazing! It was so refreshing and invigorating. I received some powerful answers from God. 
A few thoughts:
·       The essence of who we are will never change! We are sons and daughters of God. We will never separate ourselves from the love of God that is given us through Christ. But that does not eliminate our responsibility and call to become like Him. Our pasts do not define who we can become. 
·       God needs brave sons. He will test us and try us, he will stretch us and refine us, until the day that we are perfect BY Him. We must pray with a surety that He hears our pleas. 
·       Our calling from God will be based on who we are and what we are willing to become, not who we were.
·       When we worship God we understand Him better. Spiritual experiences have less to do with what is happening around us and more to do with what is happening within us. 
·       Heart changing requires heart rending. God loves us. That is the first great law of Heaven. Because of that love He desires us to find joy. The only way we will find joy is through Christ. To find Christ we must walk the path He has walked. To know Him we must spend time at His feet. 

I know Him, and I witness that He lives. He loves us and desires our whole heart and soul. 
I love you. Take time to be holy. 

Elder Crowe

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