Saturday, September 12, 2015

The deer murderer

I MISS BYU GAMES!!! I bet Zac lost his mind at that game.

I had an awesome week this week. We got to teach Faye another great lesson, and we got to do some solid finding. Of course other amazing things happened this week. The Lord is so good to us. Elder Lampropoulos is doing well. He is starting to get into the missionary routine and handling his homesickness a lot better. I am excited to be a missionary. I love being out here and serving the Lord. I am learning and growing so much with Elder Lampropoulos. He is amazing!

I got to go on an exchange with an Elder McCappin this week. He is a great Elder from Adelaide. He has been out for about 2 months and he is already a beast. I had a great time with him.

2/3 of the district :)
I forgot to tell you... When I picked up Elder Lampropoulos we were driving back to Dumfries with the Galashiels Elders and a baby deer ran 2 feet in front of my car and I destroyed it. I hit it so hard. We got out and tried to find it, but we couldn't find it. There is no way it was alive though. It also cracked the front of the car... It was a funny "welcome to the mission" moment. Except I am a murderer now. 

Elder Lampropoulos and I had a long day yesterday and we went chapping that night. To not die of rejection and freezing-ness, we played a game where you flip to a page in the Book of Mormon and point to a random word and the other person has to use it in a door approach. It was pretty fun! There were a couple that Elder Lampropoulos got that almost had me laughing at the door. It was a good time and we met some great people.

There is an amazing lady here in Dumfries that started a thing to get stuff for the refugees in Calais and in 2 days has received so much support. The ward has been helping out a lot. It is really cool to see the community at work.

I love you and hope you are staying safe! 

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