Wednesday, June 15, 2016

An Exceptional Week!

Hello hello,

This week was actually exceptional. First off, I am glad you are working hard and settling in well. Second, I am so sorry about all the hassle of life lately. I am sure it weighs heavy on your hearts. I don't have answers; all I can do is listen. But I will pray for you, and hopefully we will all see situations in life not asking what others can do to improve, but how we ourselves can become more faithful, loving servants of the Lord. The only problems we can change are the problems within ourselves. I have realized on my mission in companionships, and in all relationships in life really, that any problem I have with someone else is because I am not doing my part. I am not being like Christ.

Elder Wilson and I with Jade - a friend from Belfast

This week was so good. Elder Wilson is amazing. A beautiful South African Stallion. He is an amazing man of God. He has taught me so much. I am learning at the feet of a true disciple of Christ. I am blessed to be able to serve with him.

We have done some great work in this area. We were led by a glorious spirit horse this week. There was a horse in a residential neighborhood, and I thought it was weird so I wanted to take a picture and so we pulled down this street for 2 seconds and a little girl stopped us asking who we were looking for. Some of her older brothers and sisters came and invited us inside. When we went in, there were 17 people in a room. We taught them the Restoration and they all accepted baptism! The Lord used my easily distracted mind to find 17 people willing to follow the Lord. Now whether they all make it to baptism is a different story, but no matter what, seeds have been planted. 

The Spirit Horse!!

We started teaching a man named Vilnis this week. He is so prepared by the Lord. He feels the spirit so strongly, and he recognizes what it means. I am blessed to be a part of his journey. What a privilege that our loving Heavenly Father has given me to be able to be a part of His glorious work.

I am humbled by the magnitude of this calling. I wish every day that I could be better for Him. I have had some very earnest prayers this week. I have poured my heart and soul out to Heavenly Father asking for forgiveness and asking that He can make me a Holy instrument in His hands. I want to know how I can better bring souls unto Christ. Some thoughts have come to my mind about this:
My mind is drawn to Love. I have pondered love a lot this week. I was in a district meeting this week and an Elder asked a question about the difference between like and love. I have pondered myself a lot this week. I am pleading with the Lord daily for forgiveness, for understanding, for increased sanctification, and for the ability to see through His eyes. I have come to understand that love is not a matter of convenience. It is not a natural reaction in most cases. Love is a choice just as faith, humility, and obedience are choices. We choose to love, and we choose to increase our love. The way we increase in love is still something I am pondering. The fruit of love (or the expression) comes in many different forms: service, obedience, sacrifice, etc. But I have realized that as we EXPRESS love, it NATURALLY INCREASES our love. So in all cases we do not naturally grow in our love, but as we exercise that love, out of a choice on our part, it naturally grows within us. To love is not always easy. To choose to love is not always the easiest option. But to choose to love brings forth light. Love and light are synonyms. Pure Love casteth out darkness.

I am trying to be better at loving. I am still struggling everyday. I love you all and pray for your success and yearn for you to experience a fullness of joy in this life and in the life to come.

Elder Crowe

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