Monday, May 18, 2015

A normal week = Awesome. I love it here! :)

This week was normal. For P-day we went exploring this forest and had a riot of a time. It was so fun. We goof off a lot and do weird stuff, but it helps to pump us up for the week ahead. I love being out here with such a cool group of missionaries.

We have a few new investigators this week. The Lord has been pouring blessings on His unprofitable and unworthy servants. We met this guy named Ronnie last week and got to teach him a few days later. He is amazing. He has so many great questions, and his sister and her family are actually members! They live in a neighboring area. We got to have a good lesson and have a return appointment for this coming week. Later that week we were doing some try-bys and NO-ONE was home. So we decided to go to this park by our house and do some GQ-ing. All of a sudden both Elder Hatch and I felt prompted to tract the street we were passing. So we tracted it and found NO-ONE. It was so strange. We definitely had felt like we needed to be there, but NO-ONE had even wanted to listen. Then as we started walking to the park, we got another prompting to go try-by this investigator named Zingi. So we went and tried by, but he wasn't home either. By this point I was just thinking Heavenly Father was just testing our obedience. However, we started walking towards the park again, and as we were walking we saw Ronnie get out of his car. It was a big surprise. We started talking and he asked if he could walk with us. We walked down to the post box to mail his letter then headed towards the park so we could talk with people. We got to talk with Ronnie for about 30 minutes and build a friendship. The Lord knows what everyone needs. Ronnie needed us there to listen to him. It was a small, but powerful experience that taught me to trust in the promptings I receive.

The lessons with Lisa are going really well. She hasn't been out to church with us yet, but she is AMAZING! She is such a powerful spirit. I am excited for her.

We also taught a man named Will. He is so cool! He is a pentecostal and has a strong love for the Saviour and a great knowledge of the Bible. He had a lot of concerns about the Book of Mormon, but we bore testimony and had an amazing joint teach (member missionary) there that is so good at answering questions. It's so amazing to get members at lessons. They are the best!

So much is happening in Holywood. I love it here. The Lord has so much in store for these people! They just need to accept it! 

In Coleraine with Elder Barton
I got to travel to Coleraine this week and see Elder Barton!! That is Elder Tang's son! I love him so much. He is such a cool guy.

Moves call is next Sunday and Elder Hatch might be leaving me! I don't know how to be a missionary! I'm really scared for him to leave. Haha. But he has other lives to go change. I just hope he keeps in touch with me. It'll be really hard to see him go. I am excited to see what happens next. I love it here! I hope this fills you in on my week!

Zone Leader Exchange = cookies and milk for dinner

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