Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Lots of stuff is happening in Hollywood!

Giving my best shout out - not sure about Elder Hatch!!
My week was so great. Lots of stuff is happening in Holywood.

We are teaching Lisa and she is praying about a baptism date. We are also teaching a guy named Will who is so smart. It is amazing. He is a true disciple of Jesus Christ. He just needs to pray and get his answers from God instead of looking for them in the other places. But he is amazing.

We got dropped by one of our investigators, so that was really sad. I think he knows the church is true, but he also knows if he admits it is true, he will have to change so much in his life. It's so sad. 

I gave a talk in church yesterday about language. I took it kind of a different way and discussed how we can more fully use the language of love. I read a talk that suggested that once we see things from the other people’s point of view, we will more easily be able to relate with them and contentious communication will turn into administering grace. It was a cool talk.

It was moves call yesterday, and Elder Hatch and I are staying together. So, I am no longer a trainee, and I am his first 3-move companion, whicht is cool. After this he will only have one move left, so we will see what happens there. 4 1/2 months together is a long time... haha We get along really well though. I love him and all he helps teach me. 

I had a rough experience this week where we taught a guy named James. I thought the lesson went amazingly well—the spirit was so strong. It was our first lesson with him, and we invited him to be baptized. He said if it was true that he would have to be baptized. As we were ending, we asked if he would say the prayer. He agreed to, and said one of the most heartfelt prayers I have ever heard. The spirit hit me so hard that I had to work hard to keep my emotions in check. As he said amen, he just sat back and we stayed silent for a bit. He just said "wow, it's been awhile since I've done that". The spirit was so powerful, and he wanted to come to church the next day for another lesson, then to church for sacrament the day after that. We couldn't get ahold of him for the next two days, so we went by his house Sunday night. When he opened the door and saw it was us, he just closed the door and didn't come out. My heart was so broken. I love James so much, and to then see him completely turn away from those feelings that I know he felt was so saddening. I was so crushed. But, I know that the Lord knows James and what he needs, and He will provide for James.

I have struggled a little with my pride this week. I am a prideful sinner! J I always think I know more than I actually do. I have learned to rely on the Lord so much—this week especially. It's a struggle to kneel down and admit I know nothing, but the Lord has blessed me so much as I try to be humble.

Going bald is pretty humbling too... I got the lesson Heavenly Father! You don't need to take any more hair..... J

My hair looks red. What?????

I love you
Elder Crowe

Hot custard and nutella - HEAVEN!!

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