Monday, June 1, 2015

I Love these people here! :)

I love the people over here so much. They are the best. Our ward is amazing. They take really good care of us. Life here is great!

Heavenly Father answers prayers!! Guess who God re-placed in our laps.... James!! It was incredible. I have been so blessed this week. He came to Sports Day on Saturday and came to church on Sunday!! He is such an amazing guy. I love him so much.

This week was actually pretty slow except for that. Elder Hatch and I kind of hit a brick wall this week, so we are going to destroy the wall this week and FIND, TEACH, and BAPTIZE. Well - mostly just a lot of finding and maybe some teaching. Hahaha. I have faith that the Lord is helping us find prepared people. As we show the Lord we are willing to do all we can to help people find this gospel, He will bless us and help us find people to share this truth with.

I learned a powerful lesson in church yesterday. It was a little personal revelation that the Lord needed me to understand. 99% is not good enough! It simply is not good enough. We cannot be perfect, but we are commanded to be perfect in trying. That does not simply mean that we as missionaries can just talk to everyone and hope for the best. We need to be actively listening to what God needs us to be doing. Or we as members cannot just go out and do our visiting teaching and home teaching because we have to report having done it. We MUST love these people. They need this message. I always come back to my favorite scripture. In Mosiah 28:3 it says that the sons of Mosiah could not bear that any human soul should endure endless torment. Are we converted to this gospel? Then how can we sit by and let our brothers and sisters endure torment? People NEED this message. It is not a matter of what they feel they want. We need to be taking this so much more seriously than we do. 99% is NOT GOOD ENOUGH. It was a really powerful moment for me.

We went to the White's for dinner yesterday, and Sister White had been praying all day that it wouldn't rain during our BBQ. We were about halfway through dinner, and I looked at the sky and shouted to it "Is this the best you've got?"—Not a smart idea. The sky won! The weather changed so fast and hailed and rained. As soon as we had run everything inside and were all soaked, it stopped raining. :)

I Love You! Follow the Lord at all times. 

Elder Crowe
Hello from Belfast

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