Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Lots of fun in too much sun!!

My sweet sweet Mummy,

Too much sun! lol
What a week--so much has happened. We had Zone Development yesterday and it was amazing. It is a day of pain and sports, and I am so sunburned!! Hahaha. I even had a little voice in my head saying "Mum would be telling me to put on sunscreen now". I didn't listen to that! It was really fun though.
This is the last time I will see President and sister Brown

I might have cried--just a little! Sister Brown is so cute!
We had a lot of great miracles this week. James told us that the next time he comes to church that he will have given up the smokes—which is a miracle. That man is such a testimony builder to me. I have seen his life change so much. It is so amazing to see. The Lord is so good to us. We are taking James to see a baptism in Bangor this Saturday, he is reading every day, and is coming to church and cottage evenings. He really is allowing the Lord to change his life.
Some MTC chums

We also were stopping by a former investigator this week and had an address that was the wrong house. We were about to leave and go elsewhere when we felt impressed to see if there was a Lomond Street (we were on Lomond Avenue). We checked the map and there was. So we got to meet the former investigator, Frank, and he invited us to teach him, and he said he'd see us at church. It has been amazing to see the hand of the Lord in all things.

James gets baptized in two weeks and 4 days. I am freaking out with how amazing that is!! I love this work so much. 

I love you, Thank you so much for all you do for me. 

Elder Crowe
Holy Pizza!!!

Two feet wide!

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