Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Flooded with blessings

I have much to talk about and little time. I love you all very much and I am grateful for this glorious season we have approaching. It is a wonderful time to be able to share the gospel. Christmas is a holiday I haven't always been fond of because I feel the world has ruined it, but i love the true meaning of Christmas. Watch the new A Savior is Born video. It is amazing. I loved it so much. 

We didn't have time to go to the hospital this week. So we will do that this week... maybe. It is a very busy week leading up to Faye's baptism. We are so proud of her. it has been such a blessing to know and love her and teach her. She is incredible. She is so Christ-like and has been through so much that has made her into a glorious daughter of God.

There was so much flooding this week. My rain jacket is not Scotland proof. Scotland destroys jackets. I have been soaked to the bone this whole week. It's amazing ;) I love my mission even more now. 

River at high tide when I arrived

River this week with flooding

Moves call is next week and we aren't really sure what is going to happen. It has been a great run here in Dumfries and we have loved it. But I think one of us is moving. It might be me, or him, or both. We don't really know what is going to happen. 

There have been a lot of miracles this week. Faye is such a powerful woman. She is having some health issues, but she doesn't want to go to the hospital yet because she wants to be baptized this week. We told her that we can postpone it for her, and she told us that she wants us to be there, so she is going ahead with her baptism. She truly is a blessing in our lives. I am very grateful that I know her. 

I love you all!

Keep Fighting the Good Fight. 

Elder Crowe
More flooding photos

We are being humbled with burning shins and thighs in not having a car! :)


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