Monday, August 17, 2015

Amazing Days!

Hey Mum,

This transfer has gone by so fast. We got moves call yesterday. Elder Zander is headed to Beith, and I am staying in Dumfries and training a new missionary. I will get a brand spanking new baby boy from the MTC on Thursday!

Also, more amazing news. Guess who my Zone Leader is: Elder Tang!! (Elder Crowe's cousin) We will get to go on exchanges, and he will be at some of my District Meetings, and I'll see him at Zone Conferences. I am so excited! I am also very nervous to train. I feel like I don't know anything! But I also know the Lord will help me as I strive to be a Christ like teacher. I will get to see some really good friends at the mission home this visit as well because they are training too.

This week has been very productive for Elder Zander and I. We got 4 lessons and 2 new investigators. One is a lady named Feya, who used to be a Jehovah's Witness. She is a gem. She is such a sweet lady. She got a kitten this week because she is so lonely. We were teaching her about how she could feel the spirit, and as I shared Joseph's first vision with her the spirit told me to ask her what she was feeling so we could teach her how the spirit speaks to her. And I completely disregarded it. We ended up not being able to fully connect with her and she wasn't able to recognize the spirit speaking to her. We got back in the car and I was distraught. I was so frustrated with myself. It was a good learning experience to DO WHAT THE SPIRIT TELLS YOU. Obviously, I wish I had learned it by doing it right. But, we are meeting with Feya again on Friday, so I'll be listening hard to that spirit. 

The work here is starting to move. We met a man named Ian who was an investigator about 20 years ago. He is very scientific, but we are working to help him to feel the spirit. We cannot do anything on our own! We are so powerless. When we don't speak the words that the Spirit would have us speak, then we are not representing Christ. The Spirit is the only thing that causes lasting conversion. 

I am not sure what else to say. A man wanted to fight us this week and pushed Elder Zander down the stairs. He wasn't even drunk, so that was crazy. The adventures of a missionary never end. J 

I love you

Elder Crowe

My district and Zone Leaders
We went on a hike with some awesome members

The view was amazing!! :) What a beautiful place.

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