Tuesday, August 4, 2015

A blessing

I have been reading in the Old Testament and it is a monster. It has so much depth and stuff I don't understand. I love the stories of Joseph in Egypt and Moses and Balaam. There is so much that movies and children's stories don't tell you!! I am soaking in so much new stuff.

I also am about to finish the Book of Mormon for the first time on my mission! I am excited to yet again take Moroni's Challenge. It is pretty exciting.

I also had the opportunity last week to give a blessing to a man who was in a coma (kind of, it's complicated) and he passed away a few days ago. It was a unique experience. I was very scared to give him a blessing. His family wanted the blessing, because obviously he didn't know we were there. It was amazing to feel like I wasn't the one speaking. I didn't have to be nervous because I was just the messenger. I wasn't there to make up my own words.

We also found someone to teach this week!

Missionary work is not what I would have guessed it would be like. Haha. It is so much more rewarding though. I had a really hard time on Friday. I was so frustrated and sick of being rejected. I did not want to chap for another 2 hours. I told Elder Zander "I need something to motivate me. I really don't want to be a missionary today." He put on this Eyring and Holland monologue. I recognized it because Elder Hatch had shown it to me before. It was exactly what I had needed. My favorite line is from Elder Holland. He says "Why would we think that it would be so easy for us when it was never easy for HIM?... You let your missionaries know that when they are rejected, when they are spit upon...They are standing right next to the greatest light this world has ever seen" It was a powerful moment for me. I will remember forever. When we ask "Why is this so hard?" we need to remember that someone a lot better than us asked that same question a long time ago.

I love this gospel. I love you. Keep fighting the Good Fight.

Elder Crowe 


Representing Brisbane!

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