Monday, July 27, 2015

Some weeks are tough - but we still can learn a lot

I (Patch’s mother) had applied for a job at the MTC a while ago. I got through two rounds of “video interviews”, but last week I was told that they were looking at other applicants and wouldn't be continuing with me. That is what Elder Crowe is referring to in this email.

Well your week sounds packed! Hiking sounds like a blast! I'd love to get up a mountain right about now!

I have been praying for you every night that Heavenly Father would give you the job if it was what was meant to be. I am trying to look at things from a more spiritual, or eternal, point of view lately. So that's amazing that you didn't get the job! Heavenly Father needs you somewhere else! I have learned slowly that He places roadblocks and turns in the road to get us exactly where He needs us to be. How amazing it is to recognize that He is leading your path!

My week was a challenging one.

We were invited to a Bible discussion night by one of our friends. We went and I told Elder Zander that we were not going for a fight. We were going to just listen, add some insights, and thank them for allowing us to come and share the evening with them. Contention is not the way that the Lord wants us to do things. The discussion went really well. We were talking about the Sabbath day and it was great. We gave some insights that they all really appreciated and may not of thought of before. Then it was over and we were leaving and the reverend says "So you guys believe that you have something that we don't have" I got a little upset that he wanted to start a fight. I said "When it boils down to it, yes." BOOM. He did not like that answer. He started to whip out bible scriptures and say all these things to show why our church is wrong. (People don’t usually have different concerns. They use the exact same arguments every time, so it's easy to deflect their darts) However, finally we just said we did not intend to come here to argue. We apologized that it had gotten out of hand and we left. It wasn’t a pleasant experience though. L

We were supposed to have 3 new investigators this week, but all three of them cancelled on us. It was brutal. It breaks my heart when people cancel.

We went over to the Taylor's home for dinner and they have a new kitten. It was going bonkers running all over the place and doing flips. We were in the middle of the spiritual thought, and it lunged at my leg and caught itself on my pants right above my knee. I very calmly said "MMMRGH..." Haha. It started bleeding down my leg a little!

We found a cool person on Saturday after chapping a whole street. It's always the last one ;)

I realized something cool during my studies this week. When Alma and Amulek are watching the righteous people of Ammonihah being thrown into the fire, Amulek tells Alma ‘We can stop this. We have the power. Let's stop this’. But Alma says that it was the Lord's will, and that they had to let it happen. Later, Alma takes Amulek over to Zarahemla to care for him in his afflictions. I realized that Amulek is FROM Ammonihah. It brings so much depth to that chapter if you realize that Amulek's family was probably being burned. To hear him say ‘Please... Alma... Please. We have the power to save my family. Don't make me watch them die’. How often do we complain about the struggles we have been given? I do. All the time. I pray all the time telling Heavenly Father that this is too hard. I can't do it. But He knows me perfectly, and He knows how all the puzzle pieces fit together, so if we trust in Him and have faith that all He wants is our eternal happiness, we can overcome anything. Easier said than done. I hope it made some sense.

I love this gospel. I love you. Stay strong. Keep fighting the good fight.

Elder Crowe

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