Monday, July 20, 2015


I enjoyed the email from you and your insights both of you learned. It is very cool to recognize how the Lord teaches us. I am learning more and more everyday of how the Lord speaks to Elder Crowe. It is a long process...

Okay. My week in a nutshell:

I went on 2 exchanges this week which is amazing! I love exchanges. I love to learn from other missionaries. Tuesday I had an exchange with my District Leader. He is a beast, but he just kept telling me how much of a "boss missionary" I was, so I just came away with a big head. Kidding. Well kind of. haha ;)  He is so cool. We like the same stuff and know some of the same people, and we worked super hard. Those are the best days. They also have a bench press at his flat, so I got to do a great morning exercise.

Thursday was Zone Interview Training. It was amazing. We always learn the best stuff! It's a fountain of knowledge. President Donaldson asked me to start thinking of ideas of how we can use more music in our mission. He told me to call him anytime and talk about my ideas. I have no ideas yet. I've been praying for them, but they aren't coming yet. If you have any ideas let me know. 

On Thursday I also went on an exchange with one of my Zone Leaders. It was so good. We went and did some service in the morning for a member on his farm! It was amazing! Farms are the bomb. My back was pretty sore! Slightly different muscles than I used in Beyond 5. Haha. He has a huge pig named "Lady." He eats her babies... He told me how to kill animals! Now every time we drive through the booneys, I always watch for rabbits, which are everywhere, because before I leave Dumfries I will catch a rabbit and eat it.

Back to missionary work: Elder Campbell, my zone leader, and I had some finding scheduled in for the day and we had the goal to have the "Faith to Find." We found 7 people to teach! There are people out there who are looking for the gospel! We found 7 in one day. It was so cool. The Lord blesses us so much.

It has been a glorious week, but also kind of slow. I love the work, I love the area, I love the ward, etc. Church was great as usual. A lot of great learning.

Elder Zander likes to tell EVERYONE that I was in a Boy Band. I always blush so badly. It is the worst. I hate blushing!

I love you. Keep fighting the good fight! 
Elder Crowe

I got impatient, and I ended up eating crunchy noodles! :(


  1. Elder Crowe's parents (or whoever else is posting this),
    Is there a way I could email him while on his mission? I'd like to tell him how much I enjoy hearing his stories and how just the short blog posts strengthen my testimony of this gospel.

    1. This is Elder Crowe's mother, and I apologize for the late reply to this. I didn't see it. If you want to send me an email, I can forward it on to Elder Crowe. :) My email address is: