Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Sad endings...................exciting beginnings

Well, I'm off to Scotland! I will be serving in Dumfries with Elder Zander. He is from Germany.

I am so sad to leave. James is getting baptized on the 25th of July. We were at the church having a "Meet the Mormons" movie night where the ward members could bring friends when we got the moves call. I just paced back and forth for about 15 minutes before I finally went and told James. He started tearing up and said things weren't going to be the same. My heart broke into 5 million pieces. I will miss him so so much. I have grown to love him so much. I am crushed that I can't see him all the way to his baptism, but I know that the Lord is taking care of him. I know that He is watching over both of us and knows exactly what we need. I will see James again, and we will be like the sons of Mosiah and Alma--Our joy will be so full for we will still be brothers in the Lord. He is amazing and has helped my testimony grow so much.

Twas a sad night!
I am so sad to leave—I'm leaving all I have ever known as a missionary: Elder Hatch and Belfast, the ward, the area, etc. But I am excited for the new too. I am going to an area with a car as well... so my morning exercises better be good or you'll be getting some chunky Elder Crowe photos.

I read some really powerful verses in Ether today. I was reading in chapter 3 where he asks the Lord to touch the stones and it talks about how the brother of Jared had such tremendous faith that the veil could not hold him back. How amazing is that? All those before who had seen Christ had been invited to see Him and had the veil withdrawn. But the brother of Jared's faith was so great that the veil simply could not hide Christ's finger from his eyes. Incredible. After more research I found an amazing explanation by Elder Holland. You should read it! Amazing.

I have few hours left in my city of birth. I am sad to leave, but I am excited to continue the Lord's work. I will find those that are waiting for Elder Zander and I to teach them!

I will miss Elder Hatch very much. He has helped to shape not only the missionary I will be, but the man also. He is amazing. He is staying in Hollywood and will finish as the District Leader. I'm happy to see him go with James's baptism. He deserves a glorious end to his mission.

I love you. I miss you. I am working on my pride daily and learning so much. I hope you will not recognize me when I come home because I represent the Saviour so well ;) haha.

It's amazing to hear all the great things happening at home and all you are learning. I love you. 

Elder Crowe 

When missionaries get treats!! :)

In memory of my time in Asia, I introduced Elder Hatch to Mangosteen!!

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