Monday, November 23, 2015

Touring the mission

I will never be able to thank my Heavenly Father for the chance to serve a mission. Even when I am in His service, I still owe Him for blessings every single day. James is one of the greatest blessings, friends, and opportunities I have ever been given. I love Faye as I love James. I feel like this is a glimpse of the way Heavenly Father sees me. So scared and unsure on my feet, but He is so happy and overjoyed when we make the smallest progress. I love them dearly. I feel the same about Elder Lampropoulos. We have learned and grown so much together. We will be friends for the rest of eternity. I love my mission. I am not worthy of any blessings and God still showers me everyday.

This week Elder Lampropoulos and I have toured the mission practically. We were in Dundee, Edinburgh, and then Glasgow. I got to sing my song a lot this week. It is so amazing to get to share something from my heart. So many people have asked me to email it to them and President told me not to give it to anyone so I can sell it when I get home. He thinks of himself as my manager. I love him so much. I have a huge testimony that President Donaldson has been called of God. He is one of the most amazing men I have ever met. 

I was reading in Helaman in chapter 10. Verses 4-5 really hit me. I try my hardest to not fear man and to give Heavenly Father my all. It is hard but I know that He blesses me so much and loosens my tongue as I am obedient and diligent. I cannot do this work without Him. I need His spirit to testify to people’s hearts and to teach me what to say. I want to be mighty for the Lord. I want to be a powerful tool in His hands. We must all work with unwearyingness to share the Truth. We know that the Truth is another name for Christ. We need to share Christ with the world. 

Have an amazing Thanksgiving. I love you and miss you, and I am very sad I will not have Thanksgiving with you all this year.

Keep Fighting the Good Fight

Elder Crowe 
Haggis pasta...Failed experiment!

Reunion with MTC buddies

Yes, it is those little fish things!

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