Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Better late than never

Hello all,

I'm sorry it has taken me longer than usual to post. However, as an added bonus this week, I am posting a song that Elder Crowe wrote last week. It is a rough recording that he did on his own, but you can feel his sincerity and love for the Lord. :)

Here's the latest from Dumfries:
Alright, pal. No one says hello here. They just respond back with "Alright , pal" haha. I think it is funny. I love the people here. They are amazing. Mostly. We did get called "*bleep*ing Jews" which was a first. I thought it was very creative. We haven't heard that one before. 

Well greatest new first: Faye is getting baptized December 12th! She is amazing, and we love her very much. We taught her about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and also about the Word of Wisdom. She is so open to the spirit and is learning at such a magnificent pace. She is quitting smoking and has been coming to church every week. We had a lesson with her this week after Sacrament meeting about Heavenly Father. We taught her how Jehovah is Christ's name. Coming from the Jehovah's Witnesses that was a big change to her knowledge, but she accepted it like a champion. She always ends our lessons saying that she knows it's true because it feels right and makes sense. She prayed in front of us for the first time this week. It was such a great prayer. She is so humble and willing to learn. We found out on Sunday that women aren't allowed to pray in the Jehovah's Witnesses, and it made me appreciate her prayer even more! It was so sweet that she would pray with us for her first time ever in public. 

There is a holiday here called Guy Fawkes night. He tried to blow up parliament in 1605. So now they have big bonfires and throw a straw man onto it to symbolize burning Guy Fawkes. It's a little weird, but I love bonfires and fireworks. We also got to meet a lot of great people and got some new investigators. One of the fireworks spun out of control and exploded by a bunch of people. Elder Lampropoulos and I were kind of hoping that would happen to make things exciting ;). No-one got hurt which was good. 

The song I wrote and sent to you last week, I also sent to my Mission President. He asked me to sing it live for him last week in a meeting and invited me to go to Dundee with him to sing it at a big meeting they are having in the Marriott Hotel. I am freaking out a little. He loved the song a lot and was so grateful for me for sharing it with him. His wife was wondering if we could record is somewhere here. Haha. I will probably wait to get home to record it, but it was very nice that they liked the song. When I performed it live it was 10x better than when I recorded it.

I love this gospel so much. I am grateful for you and Rod for always writing me and sharing your feelings and thoughts. I love to hear about all you are learning. You are both amazing people and Heavenly Father knows you are trying your best. Keep Fighting the Good Fight

Elder Crowe 

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