Monday, October 26, 2015

Hello from 7 thousand miles away.

Mum, I loved your testimony about the Saviour. If I learned nothing else on my mission at least my testimony of the Saviour has been very strengthened. I love Him so much. SO MUCH. He is too good to me.

So I went on 2 exchanges this week. I got to go up to Edinburgh with Elder Tang, and we did a lot of cool finding up there. It's a lot easier to find in Edinburgh. The people are a lot more willing to talk. In Dumfries it is a little harder--Small town vs. Big city. On Monday some members asked us to come over and do some service for them, so we got to rip out some huge trees, and I felt like the Hulk. 

We gave Steven a baptismal date. He is scheduled for the 21st of November. We are really excited. He is coming along really well. I love him so much. It is different to teach him because we have to be really simple, but it is helping me really know and understand what I am teaching. It's awesome!

I got to go on an exchange with Elder Swenson as well. He is a stud. I love him. He is a great singer and so we just jammed the whole time. We even did some freestyle rapping. I am lousy compared to Russ, though. 

My district got a little change this week. Some Elders had to go home early, so a few people had to be moved quickly. Elder Stevens from my district went to go be a district leader in Leith. I was so pumped when I heard. He is going to be an amazing District Leader. He is very smart and listens to the spirit.

On Friday Faye invited us over for dinner, so we took a guy visiting from the Czech Republic with us. He is awesome and a really friendly man. It was a great lesson, and we really stressed how important it is to be coming to church. It worked! She came to church on Sunday. We were sitting in Sunday School and they were reading in Acts talking about Paul helping bring people to Christ. She looked at Elder Lampropoulos and I for a second and then leaned over to me and said "You two are my Paul." I may or may not have cried... Haha. It was so sweet, and I was so happy to hear it. I can't understand how we can love people so much that are complete strangers, but really we aren't strangers, are we? 

It was a great week. The BEST part though: I got a call from Belfast on Saturday night. I answered the phone and it was James!! He had called me to tell me that he had just been baptized! It was the greatest moment of my whole life. He told me that it never would have happened without me. It was the greatest thing anyone has ever said to me. He is one of my favorite people ever. I know we were friends in the life before this. He is amazing. I started to cry, and he laughed and said "Are you crying?" I said "Maybe" haha. I am so happy for him. It fills me with light. 

I love you so much. 
Keep Fighting the Good Fight

Elder Crowe
So Elder Crowe is apparently getting very good at killing with a vehicle!

Exchange with Elder Swenson

Exchange with Elder Tang

My District

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