Monday, October 5, 2015

Wonderful blessings

Hello there,

It sounds amazing that you are both preparing so much. Rod's letter reminded me that we should start a food storage in our flat. We kind of have one, but it could be better. And sweet mum, I love that you are receiving answers from conference. It is amazing to constantly work on our ability to feel the promptings of the spirit. It shows Heavenly Father we are ready and willing to receive more. Of course we must act on that which we have already received.

Okay, this week was packed. So we have a lady named Yvonne that we get to help with service occasionally. One day this week we got a phone call from her, and she told us that she wants to start coming to church and get the lessons! It was amazing. She said we are so sweet to her that she can feel that the gospel is good. We are pumped! 

I had New Leadership training this week, and it was so good. It made me love my district so much more, and I am excited to do all I can to help them. It didn't do anything to stop the feelings of inadequacy... but I know that I can do it with Heavenly Father! 

We were talking with Brother Beaumont about his YSA lesson, and he told us how without the Atonement we can't be healed. It struck me so hard how without the Atonement the church would just be random separate parts of the gospel, but the Atonement is the "thing" that holds it all together. I cannot fully comprehend the Atonement. It is so deep. There is so much that I never knew, and I love learning more!

This week we went over to Faye's house to mow her lawn for her. We are practically professional gardeners now...haha. When we finished, we were prompted to ask if she needed a blessing. She has a sickness that she has been struggling with recently. She said that would be nice, so we came back the next day and gave her the blessing. She asked if I would give the blessing, and I always get so nervous! But it has become something I look forward to. It is such a pure form of revelation. It is indescribable. After we were done she said that our hands were cold but that warmth had coursed into her body. Now we have been struggling for 8-9 weeks to get her to come to church, but after this experience she said she started praying and she came to the Saturday and Sunday sessions of conference! She is so amazing and lovely. 

I had a touching experience in conference when someone was talking about a walking baby. I was struggling to see myself the way God sees me. I was getting down on my mistakes and beating myself up for not being perfect. Then the thought came to my mind "Why do you not believe in the God you teach your investigators about?" It was a slap to the face. I teach my investigators about a loving Heavenly Father that understands their weaknesses and loves them and wants them to grow and become like Him, but here I was thinking that I was a hopeless mess that wasn't good enough. He takes us wherever we are. He wants us now. It was a great thing to hear. 

I know this is the true church of God on the earth. It burns in my soul. I love you.
Haggis and eggs for breakfast!

I found a frog and named him Freddy.
I am a pro photographer

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