Monday, October 12, 2015

This gospel rocks!

TJ, Ammon and Zac (and brothers) at Zac's farewell lunch
It takes me back home so much to see all the guys together. I miss everyone so much. I am so excited to hear they are doing well and headed out on their missions! It is the greatest thing they could ever do. 

We watched conference at weird times over here. We watched the Saturday morning session at 5 Sunday night, then we watched 3 sessions on Sunday. We didn’t get to watch the Sunday afternoon session, but we downloaded it and have listened to it this week. It was an amazing conference. I am so grateful for a Prophet on the earth. 

Mum, I am tired. I want to sleep for a week, but there is so much work that needs to get done. There are people that need to hear the truth. Being a district leader is also hard! I get chewed out by Elder Tang all the time ;) haha. He is a great leader and a dear friend. It's weird having my cousin telling me how to get my district to work harder and helping me shape up, but I love it. He has given me some amazing help, and I am looking forward to the coming weeks where I can implement his guidance. I am learning a lot and growing. This gospel rocks. 

We had 2 people come to church today. It was so awesome. The ward is freaking out. We have had people at church 3 weeks in a row, and the ward are amazing. They are the best fellowshippers we could ask for. They make our investigators feel so welcome. 

I was reading Rod's email and couldn't help but think of the refugees. We have so much effort being put in by members here that are helping them out in Calais, France. They work so much. We are in some scary times. The world is in chaos. I don't see it getting better till the end. 

I am going to memorize all the Book of Mormon Scripture Mastery before Christmas. or sooner, so ask me how I am doing and keep me right!

Okay, maybe I am looking into this scripture way too much but listen: Alma 12:33. I was reading it and I had a brain explosion. When God speaks to us, does He have to do it in the name of the Son? We end prayers in the name of Christ because He is the only way that we can ever talk to the Father. But can Heavenly Father not talk to us unless it is in the name of the Son as well? No unclean thing can dwell with God. Maybe I'm just going crazy...

I was very close to shaving all my hair off this week. Haha I was getting mad at it all "migrating for winter", so I decided to chop it off. But I can't go too short as a missionary so I decided not to. 

I am giving Instruction to the whole Zone tomorrow and I'm freaking out! But I am excited to speak by the spirit.

I Love YOU!

Keep reading, praying, and letting it change you!
Exchanges with Elder Stevens, who's from England

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