Wednesday, November 18, 2015

We are getting old!!!

Holy Moly... My mum will be 50! I am going to be 21 soon! I am dying! I am an old man. Thank you for your emails, love and support. I really appreciate it. 

This week was long. There was a storm called Abigail. Then after the storm we were hit by Hurricane Kate. It has rained a lot... And so much wind. We are very blessed to have a car. I think we might have died by now without one. There has been so much flooding. There are new lakes and rivers everywhere. The sun is out today though, so we are blessed.

We have a Missionary Conference tomorrow and I got a call this morning asking if I would sing at it. Then President wants me to sing in Dundee on Friday for some Dignitaries—whatever that means. I am excited, but nervous. It weird when it's a song that I've written. It's a lot more personal and from my heart. 

Faye is still progressing towards baptism. She is a true blessing. She is so kind and sweet and loving. We are so lucky to have met her. I'm glad I get to be her missionary and friend. 

I am trying to grow and become better everyday. It is a hard thing to do, but I love it. 

I told the ward that I love haggis, so we got loads of haggis this week!! It rocks. And I found out haggis is illegal in the States. Well, the traditional recipe. 

We are on a high alert ever since the attack in Paris. They are telling us to be extra careful and to be prepared for a lock down. I think we could last a while in our flat. We have tons of food. We would probably just go crazy before anything else happened. Sad times we are living in. Well very happy times, but also some sadness. 

We went to see Brother Welsh recently because I haven't seen him for a while, and his daughter asked me if I am eating because I look so thin. Last week I was fat... this week I am thin. Apparently I am a walking carnival mirror. I just never look normal. J

Spiritual thought: Luke 7:11-17 
I love this story because it shows the Saviour's perfect love. He is passing through a town and happens upon a funeral. He has compassion on the widow and raises her son from the dead and then silently goes on His way. I pray for that love and compassion. I wish I saw all people the way He sees us. Such tremendous love that we cannot comprehend.

My mission has taught me so much. I am and will forever be grateful for His gift of letting me serve a mission.

I love you all! I hope you are all safe and fighting the good fight. 

Elder Crowe
Exchange with Elder Campbell from Cottonwood

Professional Chefs round 2 (including Aussie Ginger Beer!!)

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