Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Dundee is Amazing!!

I am sorry. This will be rushed. Elder Pease and I are singing and preparing our Firesides today to show President and we have a bit of work to do.

Dundee is amazing. I love the ward so much and the area is so amazing. Elder Parsons is so good! I am so blessed right now. We have a baptism on Thursday! Her name is Irene Glen. She is so amazing. She is a referral from a recent convert. 

A cool story that happened this week. They taught this girl named Paula twice before I got there. We invite everyone to be baptized in the first lesson. And she didn't accept. Then I got there. She and I clicked really fast. The second lesson we had with her, I invited her to be baptized (on Feb. 26th) and she still wasn't sure. But I said to her "Paula, if you wanted to say no, then you would have told us no already. I know you want to do this." She answered and said "You've only known me for two days, and you already know what I am thinking." I said "I may have known you for two days, but God has known you forever." I asked her to pray about it, and said we would call her at half 9 when we got home. I called and she was really silent. Then she said "Alright, I will be baptized." The next day was Sunday and she was telling all the ward that she was getting baptized and how excited she was and that she still needed to plan everything and ask people to do things. She has already changed so much in the short 4 days I have known her. I know Christ loves her and is helping her to grow. I don't tell this story to brag but to show how Heavenly Father knows each of His children. He knew that Paula and I would click. He knew that she needed me to be really bold. I didn't let her get away that night without an answer. We need to be lovingly bold because we know how much they NEED this. The Lord knows us so well!

We were knocking doors and we met this man named David who was on charges because he beat someone half to death. That was really a little frightening. We then went over to an investigator, named Vincent, who told us he had gotten beaten up earlier by David. We don't know if it's the same David but the coincidence is incredible... We could be teaching two people that have tried to kill each other. Awesome. 

We run 4 miles every morning. I almost had a heart attack the first run. I'm lucky to be alive. 
Elder Parsons plays the piano, so we might be doing a lot of musical numbers in church. The ward is so good at finding out what people did when they were home... 

I love it here so much. I love you all so much.

Keep Fighting the Good Fight

Elder Crowe
Not the best photo, but Elder Parsons & I

Elder Parsons reached his 6 month mark.

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