Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Bound for new adventures

This will be an eventful week. I am off to a strange new world. Elder Lampropoulos and I are parting ways to continue where the Lord needs us at this time. I will miss him very much. He has become one of my best friends. We will definitely be friends for eternity. He has taught me so much, and I have grown in ways I couldn't have imagined.

He is going to Edinburgh to be in a YSA district and talk to all the cute girls on the Uni campus ;) haha. He will love it in Edinburgh. And I have been called to serve in Lochee, Dundee. I will still be the district leader, and I have a new district with some awesome people in it. My new companion is Elder Parson. He is from England. I will find out more about him this week :) He is a hard working missionary and has had a lot of great success in Dundee. I am told it is the greatest ward ever. People say they are the greatest member missionaries anyone could hope for. I am excited. I have a Uni city as well so I will be talking to people all day long. It is really exciting. 

Elder Tang served in the Lochee ward as well, so I will get to follow in "Fruity Brown Sauce"'s footsteps. We call him that because there was a bottle of HP sauce in Tesco and it was tangy HP Fruity Brown Sauce. So we call Elder Tang that. He's a quarter Chinese so he's a little brown anyway.

We said goodbye to the ward yesterday. I will miss them all so so much. We have definitely grown to love this ward so much. They are practically our family!

It's also weird that I will never spend as much consecutive time with anyone as I have with Elder Lampropoulos. He will forever hold that record. Unless my wife and I get trapped in an Amazonian prison for 6 months; then it'd be longer.

I love the Lord. I am grateful He is leading and guiding us in all we do. I am grateful for my testimony of him and for my increased knowledge and testimony. 
I love you!
Elder Crowe 

Wonderful Dumfries saints

Last district meeting with these guys!

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