Monday, January 25, 2016

Service is good for the soul

I am sorry that I regularly do not seem to have sufficient time to write, but I have service I need to do for some people and I need to leave soon. P-day is not always a day of rest ;)

We had an amazing broadcast from the General Authorities and leaders of the church. It was all about increasing our efforts to bring people to repentance. It was a great lesson and helped me to focus so much more on what is needed. I am here to preach nothing but repentance to these people. That is why we are here. We invite others to repent. The way we do that is by giving them commitments. Praying, reading scripture, attending church: these are all bringing our lives in line with God's will. Ultimately we invite people to get baptized and receive the Holy Ghost and progress towards the temple. This is what our Father in heaven asks of us. We must repent of our pride and our enmity towards God and follow Him. Easier said than done, though. I love this gospel and I am very grateful that we can all repent. We all have repenting we must do and we must repent daily. I have so many things that are holding me back but I know the Lord is grateful that I try. My favorite line from Ephraim's Rescue is where she calls him a holy man. He replies that he cannot count how many imperfections he has. She wants to know why he can perform such amazing blessings if he is imperfect. His reply gives me so much hope: "I try"

I love you and I pray for you. 

Elder Crowe
Some of the last times with one of my best friends

My homies

Burning a tie and shirt - Elder L's 6 month and my 1 year (well almost!)

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