Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Looking for miracles

Releasing my inner photographer
Hello Familia
I apologize. I don't like typing things over and over so I am copying and pasting a story that I wrote to Erin earlier: 
First I wanted to tell you about one of my favorite miracles this week. We were at a member’s house for dinner and we were shoveling their driveway so they could get to work the next morning. They have a really long steep driveway. We were struggling trying to get it finished because they didn't have snow shovels and it was a MASSIVE driveway. So we prayed that we would be able to clear their driveway. We worked for about an hour. By this point we were sweating and had taken our jackets off and we were just in our white shirts. A man drove past and was giving us some advice about how to speed up the process. We thanked him and he drove away. 5 minutes later her drove back and dropped off two big buckets of road salt. He was a huge answer to a prayer. We were able to get the rest of the drive salted in 15 minutes and it was melted in about an hour.

Another miracle was when we needed to catch a bus to get home. It's about an hour bus ride to get home and we had to catch the last bus of the night. Our bus came at 6 and it was 6, so we asked someone to give us a ride to the station. I offered a prayer of faith (Elder Lampropoulos and I were alone putting our shoes on) and we just pleaded saying that this was the last bus and we needed it. We know He will provide and so we asked Him, knowing that He would, to provide in this dire situation. We got there right as the bus was pulling into the bus stop and got on the bus safely and started heading home. I looked at my watch and the bus had been 5 minutes late. What a miracle! I have been trying to have my eyes open to the miracles this week. So this was awesome! Faith is such an amazing power that I don't really understand yet. But I am getting a little closer everyday. The Brother of Jared got to see Christ because he had such amazing faith. Heavenly Father let a bus stop for my faith ;) I'm almost there.

We had a fun District Meeting this week. My District has been working so hard and doing so well, and so I planned some games for District Meeting. Obviously they were spiritual games that allowed us to learn ;) We went on an exchange with the Galashiels Elders on Wednesday and had a grand time. I enjoy seeing my missionaries and getting to be one on one with them. They are all such powerful men of God. They teach me so much every time I see them. We got to go to a ZIT in Edinburgh since we missed ours because the train was down. It was a great conference that left us spiritually uplifted and edified. After that we didn't have much time but we ran and grabbed some dinner with some missionaries. We were going to sleep in the Zone Leaders flat and we were going to be late getting home so we had to walk really fast and didn't have time to talk to people. But we were walking and we decided we would stop the next person that passed (we can't be outside and not stop at least one person). It was amazing! He had talked with missionaries before in Poland, and we got his details and got to give his info to the Zone Leaders. Hopefully they can start teaching him. 

Anyways. It has been an amazing week. I feel very happy to be alive and to be serving my Lord and my God. 
We can choose to believe that God is running His church, or we can choose to believe that there is chaos all around and we are to fend for ourselves. I know that God has called His prophets and apostles. I have felt the spirit testify that to my heart and my mind. He in in control of His church. Everyone from the prophet down to the deacons quorum President is called of God. Faith is a choice. I pray we will all choose to trust God and those He has appointed. 

Elder Crowe

It snowed! :)

Massive snowball fight....everyone ganged up on the Elders.

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