Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Happy New Year

I have learned a lot this week. I have been doing some studying and pondering and I have learned a great many things. Some are too personal to share right now, but I am glad that they spirit bears witness to us of the truthfulness of this gospel. It is a marvelous thing.

It flooded so badly here this week. Many shops on the high street (main street) got flooded. We call that area the Whitesands. The shops along there got loads of water. I will add pictures. 

We got dropped by a few people this week, which is really sad, but we are finding more and have some really cool potentials. There’s one man in particular named John. He is a really cool man. We have met him a few times, and we hope that we can get him to truly read and pray this week. 

I have been reading the Miracle of Forgiveness (thank you Keeley and Tanner) and I have learned some amazing things so far, and I'm only a chapter in. It is a great book. I love Spencer W. Kimball. 
Something I have learned a lot this week is how much we need to repent. We cannot be comfortable with any sins. We cannot say "Yes, but I only lie sometimes" or "My little siblings are annoying. I only yell when they make me". We cannot allow ANY sins to pass without repenting. We need to make ourselves white in the blood of the Lamb. Not white and leave a few tiny stains. I don't say it to seem like a big scary thing; I say it so we do not ever get complacent and think we have made it. The Prophet of the Living God repents EVERY DAY. A man we think must be as close as we can get to perfect in this life repents daily. We can all learn from that. 
I love you very much! 

Elder Crowe
Elder Cluster

With missionaries in Edinburgh

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