Monday, March 21, 2016

Learning and Growing

Hey Family,
Life rolls on and I am growing in my testimony and in my faith everyday. This week has had some amazing blessings, and as always I never have much time to share them.

Monday we got to have an awesome Family Home Evening at the Keogh's with Paula. They did the Easter Egg lesson with the cool little things inside each egg and the last egg is empty. It is always a fun one.

On Tuesday We got a new investigator named Amanuel. He is amazing. Such a great guy. He is from some place that I didn't even know was a country. He is a Pentecost and has a great spirit about him. We are hoping to see him soon.

Wednesday was my favourite day. We had an appointment fall through and we had a member with us. We had another lesson in an hour so we decided to go chapping for an hour before our next appointment. The second door we knocked was a man named John who was so excited to see us because he was a Theology major. Well we asked to come in and teach him and he agreed. We had the most amazing, powerhouse lesson ever. The spirit was so strong. It was amazing. He kept saying that we were glowing and that he felt like he was in the presence of exemplary gentlemen. He told us he felt like he was being enlightened. We are very excited to go see him again. He wanted to come to church but he is catholic and this was Palm Sunday so he couldn't make it this week.

We had some more dropped appointments later in the week and some AMAZING banoffee at the Manuel's. It's to die for.

Well my computer time is gone. I love you so much. Jesus is the Christ.
Keep Fighting the Good Fight
Elder Crowe

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