Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Happy Easter

Happy Easter! I know it is late but I am filled with the Easter spirit. 

I also think I am sunburnt a little. My lips are very raw and I need to keep applying my chapstick. We were out playing football (soccer) this morning with the Williams family. We also have gone to the gym twice this week with Jared. He lifts so much more than I can. But I lift more than Elder Parsons so I don't feel too bad. ;) haha. Elder Parsons is really sore today. He tried to do one push up last night and couldn't because he was so sore. It has been a long and very fast week.

Real quick I just want to share my thoughts before I forget them.

I was reading in Mosiah 24: 9-16 and I was really impressed by the situation and how the Lord intervened. The people begin to pray and pour their hearts out to the Lord and instead of saving them right away, he makes their burdens lighter. He makes it easier for them to work and be happy. He makes their relationship with the Lamanites a better relationship. But he doesn't just save them. By saving them He wouldn't have given them the amazing learning experience they had. A lot of times in our lives Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ will shower blessings upon us, but because they are not the blessings we want or expect we feel like we are not getting blessed. We feel like He has abandoned us. He will never abandon us. He is always going to be there. He may not save us immediately, but He will make our burdens light. His yoke is easy. If we follow Him we cannot fall. We are never alone.

I love you! Keep Fighting the Good Fight

Elder Crowe

Yes, I'm a ninja!

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