Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Short and sweet

We have had a great week. It has been a tremendous growing week. I will share some quick points
First, a thought: The Saviour has already suffered for our sins, pains, afflictions, temptations, etc. So when we choose to make mistakes, sin, or purposefully transgress the laws of God are we causing the Saviour to suffer a second time? Does He have to weep and watch us suffer from our choices? It is just a thought. I also have thought that maybe while performing the Atonement He was not bound by time. That's hard to explain over email. But it is interesting to me.

I had another thought this week when I flicked through and read Doctrine and Covenants 3:9. I inserted my name and it reads "Behold, thou art Elder Crowe, and thou wast chosen to do the work of the Lord, but because of transgression, if thou art not aware thou wilt fall." How this shook my soul! I have been called to do the work of the Lord. I have no right to make all the dumb mistakes I do. I know too much to allow Satan to have power over me. We need to step up our game. I have been called, but I can be removed. His work will go on with or without me. I am not saying I am making heinous crimes against my faith but I have a long way to go on the pathway to perfection. I have much to learn. We have all been called. Let us move the work forward. Let us show our love for our King by serving Him. How powerful the statement "Behold, thou art Elder Crowe." The Lord knows us and knows our capacity; our capabilities. He will lead us if we are a clean vessel.

I love you. Make repentance part of your daily lives. We cannot wait to repent. It needs to be taken care of NOW.

Elder Crowe

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