Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Finding Days

Elder Cook and I - in a car!!!! I'm back in a car!!
I am really sorry. I have no time, so this will be short.

We came into the area and we didn't have anything. So we have hit the streets. I have been here 5 days and I think we have done around 50 finding hours. So just all day speaking to people. It gets tiring but the Lord gives us strength.

We saw many miracles as we were out all day. We had a man who got off the bus at the stop too early and we talked with him and he wanted to hear the message from the missionaries. No such thing as coincidences. There were many people who were searching for truth and wanted to meet. We had a bit of refinement when 30 people were supposed to meet with us throughout the week and only 3 had met with us by the end of the week. It was really hard and challenging. But we are pressing forward to find, teach, and baptize. Many people are prepared in Dundee. We found a man named David and taught him last night. He has been so prepared in his life and is so humble and ready to accept the message.

I am trying to become more worthy of the spirit in my life. I am a sinner and my heart is too focused on things that aren't of eternal importance. I am striving to sanctify and consecrate myself, to put all on the altar of sacrifice. It is hard, but I have seen the blessings that come as I have pushed and strived to become closer to my Saviour. As I have forgotten myself, left my nets, and followed Him, I have been changed.

Elder Cook is amazing. We are working so hard, and he is teaching me so much. We are going to get this Dundee area where the Lord wants it. We will lead those missionaries under our stewardship to the Saviour, and we will see the hand of the Lord revealed. Blessings await the Dundee Zone. We are full of faith, and we are servants of God. We represent Jesus Christ and act as His hands. How great is our calling! 

I love you with all my heart. I pray for you every day. Cry unto the Lord. Plead with Him that He will send people your way that you can share this message with. We are not doing enough. We must always be divinely discontent. Erin taught me that. She's awesome, huh? 
I love you.

Elder Crowe
Scotland is beautiful!!

Thanks for the popcorn! I love popcorn

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