Wednesday, April 13, 2016

What a wonderful time to be alive!

Hello Hello,
What a wonderful time to be alive!

Conference has invigorated us all and given us an increased portion of the spirit of God! It has allowed us to receive personal revelation that we needed to progress in our current situations. It has uplifted us and given us hope and assurance that all will be well in Zion to those who love God and put Him first. It has helped us to realized that as we try our best we are blessed. Don't be stressed, that's just messed, go get dressed, get your sins confessed, don't let your failures create a nest, wear His name on your chest, this time is to work let no one rest, to become wine we must be pressed, like people of old we'll travel west, the word of God has been expressed, this started as a joke but now I'm obsessed... Okay well. Anyway.

I am moving! What a shock it was when we got the call. Elder Parsons is staying and will assume the role of District Leader (what a man!) and I am going to be moving to Bingham. I am still in the city of Dundee but I'm now in a different ward. It is really weird. But I am excited. I will still get to see Elder Parsons all the time and critique him and go on exchanges with him. Well, my companion might go on exchanges with him since I served with him. I am excited that I get to continue to see him grow.  

My new companion is Elder Cook. He is a beast. We are going to work really hard. We are whitewashing into Bingham. So both the former missionaries are leaving and we are both going in blind to a new area. But it will be good, and we will work so hard and see so much success. Elder Parsons and I have been blessed with a tremendous amount of success in this area, and I have learned so much from serving with him.

My birthday was fun. I got to go to church, have an amazing dinner at the Keogh's, have my face shoved in a cake, and have a baptism that night for Jacob. It was an amazing day. I am glad I spent it in the service of the Lord.

I have to pack which is always lame. But guess who is going back to a car area! This GUY!! They must not have learned their lesson last time when I totaled their car. I am going to get my UK license though because I can't drive here since I have been here for more than a year. This time I will be driving on actual roads though—not compacted dirt.

I am very grateful for the Gospel in my life. Jesus is the Christ. Life is good. I am working hard and learning how to work harder everyday. I have many miraculous stories to tell you next week. I can feel the miracles coming. 


Elder Crowe
Birthday Oreo, raspberry cheesecake!! at the Keoghs

Bite the cake - a Keogh tradition!!
After "biting the cake"!! haha

With a "wee Keogh"

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